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We Care About Our Products and Customers:

  • Divinely scented bath, body, and home fragrance products
  • All of our items are handmade to satisfy your craving
  • Formulated using the highest quality cosmetic grade ingredients
  • No Animal Testing / PETA certified
  • Manufactured in the USA

"I've been spraying this on myself and my two kids like crazy! With it being semi winter time here in Florida, it just reminds me of the beach. I can just close my eyes and spray away and let my mind imagine that I'm at the beach."
Mac Barbie

"I LOVE this stuff! It smells GREAT- so relaxing and soothing. It can be used for a bubble bath or for a body wash. A little bit goes a long way. An excellent product! I will definitely always have some in my bathroom!"
Carolyn Chandler

"Lulu's Pet Care KitI love how yummy my puppy smells. Its a great replacement for my puppy since I cant bathe him as often as I would like because he absolutely hates bathes and its a good 2 hour ordeal with him."
Kathleen Caruso