Why Your Hair Isn’t Healthy: The Unschooling of Our Hair Care Routine


Over the years we have been trained by the media to want our hair to look and feel a certain way – shiny, full, silky, smooth and luxurious.  What we fail to realize as consumers is what it takes from an ingredient standpoint to give you all these things.  Let’s see shine and silkiness require silicone, smooth – silicone, clean and full alcohols and for everything else, well, does it really matter.  You get the picture.  Grocery store brands are designed to give you exactly what you want at a reasonable cost except for one important thing – HEALTH.  So, why isn’t your hair healthy, because none of these chemicals actually create healthy locks only superficial looks.  It is kinda like the woman that is 80 years with the perfect figure and absolutely no wrinkles and could pass for 40.  It isn’t real.  Real is health.  Real is no split ends.  Real is supple hair that shines naturally without the addition of multiple styling products.  Real is manageable hair that does not frizz.  Real is a truly healthy, fragrant hair.  It is time to unschool ourselves in what we think is the perfect hair care routine.

When you use our handmade products your hair is not being weighed down with heavy chemicals rather you are washing in health and nutrition. But there is a price to pay for “real” healthy hair, that price is educating yourself on all natural products, because unlike your grocery store brand, our products require a little bit of understanding.  First, you are going to use more of an all natural product than you would a grocery store brand.  All natural shampoo and conditioner is usually not as thick as a grocery store brand, because there are no chemical thickeners added.  This means you have to adapt your hair washing routine to work with the product.  A runny shampoo does not necessary require more product instead it requires a different application of the product.  Shampoo is meant to wash at the root of your hair, because that is where the oil is produced.  Therefore, when using an all natural shampoo, it is imperative to concentrate your washing at the root and slowly work your way down the hair shaft.  Secondly, don’t worry if the product is not foaming, as you think it should, foaming is not an indication of cleaning.  Foaming is a man-made way to prove a product is working, but completely unnecessary for cleaning.  If the shampoo does not foam it doesn’t mean it is not working.  It simply means it is not foaming.  All natural shampoo is meant to only remove the oil on your scalp so as long as you massage the product on your scalp the remainder of your hair will naturally get cleaned, because of the massaging action and your hair will be beautiful and fragrant.  Adjusting your shampooing routine in order to use an all natural product like School of Wash’s Handmade Shampoo reaps great rewards such as the elimination of split ends meaning less haircuts, healthy hair that shines naturally without introducing oily products that weigh down your hair and cause allergens and dirt to stick to your scalp, and soft, manageable hair that doesn’t require a gallon of styling product.

The same is true when using an all natural conditioner, like School of Wash Handmade Conditioner.  All natural conditioners are not as thick as grocery store brand conditioners so they require a different application method.  These conditioners are similar to a rinse or detangler in consistency and should be used as such.  But the beauty of all natural conditioner is it can be applied to the entire head rather than just the ends, because it lacks the unnatural oils and silicones of grocery store brands that clog the pores on the head.  Massage the conditioner into your scalp, and coat the entire hair shaft.  Allow the product to sit for a minute or longer, and then notice the difference when you rinse.  The all natural conditioner leaves your hair silky soft and that silkiness is noticed the moment you begin to rinse your hair.  The second thing you notice after using an all natural conditioner is the lack of a greasy film left on your hair.  Your hair rinses completely clean, and your scalp and hair feels weightless.  This is the way a perfectly conditioned mane should feel – weightless.  Those heavy films left by the grocery store brands are a detriment to the health of your hair.  They lead to breakage, split ends, scalp irritation and heavy oil build-up on the scalp.  Conditioner is designed to simply smooth the cuticle of the hair shaft by changing the pH of your hair and scalp to protect it from blow-drying and styling.  It should wash completely out your hair and never leave a residue.  That is the beauty of an all natural conditioner.  It does it’s job and moves on.

Healthy hair is beautiful hair, but to truly obtain the healthiest of hair it requires unschooling.  We must change our own expectations and realize that our perception of health is not man-made, but a photoshopped version of health.  Like the model on those Dove commercials that walks in looking like a  real person and is transformed to look like a, well, model.  Healthy hair is not what we see on television and print ads.  Healthy hair comes from using all natural products like School of Wash.

Check out our all natural line of shampoo and conditioners and create your own scented bottle of health.  Your hair deserves a new healthy, fragrant look!  Click here to order.



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