About Us

We had a dream…

Behind every business there is a story, something that spurred the dream.  We are no different, and our story is a good one – from summer camp to online store – but our story doesn’t tell you who we are.  We are a mom and daughter dedicated to making a difference in the lives of others.  And what better way to do something amazing and charitable then to allow others to be a part of our cause.

We are the first mom and daughter owned business solely dedicated to spreading our charitable cheer to victims of sexual abuse.  We are School of Wash!

Our Great Story…

School of Wash, one of the first Mommy and Munchkin businesses was born by summer camp sales.  It’s true!  Without my knowledge, my 11-year old daughter sold the bath products I was making just for her to all of her summer camp friends.  The parents loved the fact that the products were handmade, contained no dyes and were safe for the most delicate of skin.  The kids loved the 245 different scents they were able to choose from to customize their bath product line.  The feedback was so positive that I decided to start School of Wash.  We are a mom/daughter owned company, right here in the USA, making a difference in our market by bringing the FUN back into bath time.

As a family owned business we feel it is important to treat our customers like family.  We use all our products in our own bathrooms because we feel they are the best on the market.  For us, this is a family affair!

The inspiration for School of Wash™?  One evening as my daughter drudged towards the bathroom she exclaimed, “You know Mom, I’m not a baby anymore why do I have to use shampoo with a baby on it?”  Sometimes the logic of a child is so simple it is brilliant.  Why shouldn’t bath time be COOL?  After months of trial and error to find just the right name and products to peak her interest, I found a way to not only keep her bath time COOL but allowed her to be the creative force in the brand and product design.

Our products really are “KID TESTED AND KID APPROVED”!

Our FRESH Promise:  We believe fresh ingredients are not only important on your dinner table, but also in your bathroom.  We only use the highest quality ingredients and make all our products at the time of ordering.  Our Products are – Paraben-free, Talc-free, SLS-free, Sulfate-free, Sodium Chloride-free, FRESHLY made when ordered and contain No Dyes.

We deliver quality, FRESH products to your door.  Because YOU deserve the Best!

“The products from School of Wash were wonderful. But, knowing they are handmade AFTER you order them is amazing. They are not sitting on a shelf for who knows how long before being purchased. They are FRESH and made just for you. Your scent, your product, your creation! They are also Paraben-free, Talc-free, SLS-free, Sulfate-free, Sodium Chloride-free, and contain no dyes so they are safe even for the most delicate skin. I would definitely recommend their products to anyone and can’t wait to add more to my own collection!” – Thrifty Mom @ www.thriftymom613.com